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Are you keen to share your research with hundreds of LSA members and/ or a much wider global audience? Perhaps you’d like to publish a comment piece, on a contemporary issue relevant to a leisure studies-related topic, but are unsure as to where you might publish it? Whatever your angle in leisure studies research – sport, tourism, sociology, media, management, policy, green issues, environment – you can share recently completed or ongoing research news and/ or your thoughts and feelings about contemporary matters in leisure studies via the LSA Research Blog.

The LSA Research Blog enables wider dissemination of the end-products of research that may not otherwise come to the attention of the leisure studies community – such as reports from substantial contract research studies that are in the public domain but have not been widely disseminated across academic networks.

Participation in the LSA Research Blog is not restricted to LSA members.

To be considered as a contributor to the LSA Research Blog please contact Dr. Louise Platt on who will review all submissions.


  • Submit by e-mail as a Word document. Word count = 500-1500 words not including references (longer by agreement with Dr. Adams but not shorter than 500).
  • No more than 12 references, must be cited in text.
  • No more than 3 images/charts/graphs/tables (not included in the word count).
  • Author bio/s: 100-150 words each, indicating position, field of study, main research interests and key publications where appropriate (not included in the word count).

Please Include:

  • Title of research/ comment piece
  • For PhD/ MA research reports, include the name/s of supervisor/s.
  • Background: outline of the policy context and/or academic literature informing the research (applicable only to research submissions)
  • Approach: indication of the broad theoretical orientation and/or methodological approach (applicable only to research submissions)
  • Findings (applicable only to research submissions)
  • Significance: description and application of the original research findings reported in the paper (applicable only to research submissions)

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