‘Becoming white’ and (un)learning colour-blindness: Stefan’s story

LSA exec. member Dr. Stefan Lawrence’s paper from LSA2014

Stefan Lawrence

This piece is an edited extract from my PhD thesis and appears in the introductory chapter. Throughout the thesis I used Critical Race Theory and poststructuralism as guiding frameworks and begun by utilising a technique termed by Critical Race Theorists as counter-narrative storytelling (see Bell, 1992; Crenshaw et al., 1995; Delgado and Stefancic, 2000; Dunbar Jr., 2008; Williams Jr, 2000).  I did this to locate myself from the very beginning as a social actor, a researcher and an activist-scholar as well as to offer some insight into how I came to be interested in racialised representation, racism(s), masculinities and (sport and leisure)media.  The following narrative then provides a very brief overview of how I have come to experience the world, and the bodies in it, as a ‘white man’ and thus how I have come to understand matters of ‘race’ through my own interpositionality.

The day started like any other.  Our primary…

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